This site exists now as an repository for studying
the pokemon style for things like how they draw certain things, seeing if a certain animal exists as a pokemon already, how to “devamp” something, style changes across generations, etc.

I couldn’t find another site that sorted things like this, so forgive me if there was one, and let me know.

For more information on Categories, please go here.

For more information on Genus sorting, please go here.

This is for research of a lot of things; if you were curious for, instance, if any dolphin pokemon existed, here you go, you can look for it here now. Or if you’re curious how many feline pokemon exist!

Or if you’re curious what an RBY style Zorua might look like, you can refer here to find the RBY style pictures easily and look for ones tagged “fox” or “canid”!

Or if you’re curious what megas might be inspired by!

Or how many birds of a given style there are (e.g. of Kantonian versus others)!